Save time

“The automatic processing of online reservations saves me almost an hour a day.”
Jurgen Lijcops Jurgen Lijcops
The Glorious

Never miss another reservation

“My guests make reservations at any moment of the day. Thanks to Tablemanager I no longer miss a single reservation!”
Jeremie Landweer Jeremie Landweer
De Kleine Zavel

Overview and control

“No matter where I am, I can always see what's happening in my restaurant. I even know which customers were satisfied. Pretty neat!”
Kevin Strubbe Kevin Strubbe
De Rooden Hoed

Since 2013 we made reservations easier
for 4060 restaurants.

De Kleine Zavel
The Dominican-Grand Lounge
De Goei Goesting
Purple 15
Restaurant Radis Noir
's Gravenwezel
Brasserie Appelmans

What is Tablemanager?

Digital reservation book

Receive reservations automatically

A table plan, setup just like you want

Receive immediate feedback from guests

Direct communication with guests

New insights and statistics

Automatic customer database

Recognize loyal customers


€ 60 / month € 65 / month € 55 / month € 60 / month
Reservation management
Customer database
Online support
  • Table plan
  • Automatic feedback
  • Phone support
  • Send newsletters to customers
  • Own logo/name in emails
  • Answering machine
  • Advance payments
  • Menu on your website

Prices valid for annual payment in combination with a pack.
All prices VAT excl.

About us

Tablebooker is a Belgian startup with the ambition to ease the life of a restaurant owner. They do so by combining the power of the latest technology with their thorough knowledge of the restaurant market. Add a pinch of youthful enthusiasm and a sauce of perfectionism to it, and you have a dish that every restaurant owner would like to put on his menu!

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