Tablemanager makes reservations easier
for 3290 restaurants.

Wim Ballieu

Balls & Glory

Wim Ballieu

As a fast-casual restaurant Balls & Glory never really accepted reservations. We normally work with walk-ins. However for groups it's very useful to be able to make a reservation and choose a menu at the same time.

Adrian Bonic

El Sombrero

Adrian Bonic

Thanks to Tablemanager I have more time for my customers, it is a huge timesaver for me. I can recommend it to everyone.

Isabelle & Lieven

't Aards Paradijs & Naturell

Isabelle & Lieven

For us, Tablemanager is a very versatile and, above all, user-friendly system and what is most important to us: a very good service and always accessible employees who offer a quick and friendly answer to all questions. in short, a professional program tailored to our needs.

Jeremie Landweer

De Godevaart

Jeremie Landweer

People make reservations at the craziest hours of the day, because of Tablemanager I don't miss a single reservation!

Logan Depuydt


Logan Depuydt

Tablemanager is an easy to use application for us and especially a plus for our customers, with immediately reservation confirmations.


La Cusine du BelRivE


Tablemanager has enabled us to have up-to-date and live information if we are not present in the restaurant. Thanks to the application on our mobile phones, we can still make reservations quickly or respond to customers quickly. No risk of errors or forgetfulness.

What is Tablemanager?

Digital reservation book

Receive reservations automatically

A table plan, setup just like you want

Receive immediate feedback from guests

Direct communication with guests

New insights and statistics

Automatic customer database

Recognize loyal customers


€ 80 / month
Advanced reservation module
Reservation management
Customer database
  • Table plan
  • Statistics
  • Automatic feedback
  • Reservations through different channels
  • Interactive communication with customers
  • Send newsletters to customers
  • Personalised emails
  • Phone reservation system
  • Payments and advances
  • Promotions - arrangements
  • Gift cards
  • Additional reservation questions
  • Link with POS systems
  • Configuration support on site
  • Support by phone and email

All prices VAT excl.

About us

Tablebooker is a Belgian startup with the ambition to ease the life of a restaurant owner. They do so by combining the power of the latest technology with their thorough knowledge of the restaurant market. Add a pinch of youthful enthusiasm and a sauce of perfectionism to it, and you have a dish that every restaurant owner would like to put on his menu!

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