Save time

“The automatic processing of online reservations saves me almost an hour a day.”
Jurgen Lijcops Jurgen Lijcops
The Glorious

Never miss another reservation

“My guests make reservations at any moment of the day. Thanks to Tablemanager I no longer miss a single reservation!”
Jeremie Landweer Jeremie Landweer
De Kleine Zavel

Overview and control

“No matter where I am, I can always see what's happening in my restaurant. I even know which customers were satisfied. Pretty neat!”
Kevin Strubbe Kevin Strubbe
De Rooden Hoed

Since 2013 we made reservations easier
for 3010 restaurants.

L'Apéri Vino
Het Wit Kasteel
De Vlaamsche Pot
Purple 15
Filet d'Anvers
De Pastorale
Fou d'o
Radis Noir (pop-up aan de Schelde)

What is Tablemanager?

Digital reservation book

Receive reservations automatically

A table plan, setup just like you want

Receive immediate feedback from guests

Direct communication with guests

New insights and statistics

Automatic customer database

Recognize loyal customers


€ 60 / month € 65 / month € 55 / month € 60 / month
Reservation management
Customer database
Online support
  • Table plan
  • Automatic feedback
  • Phone support
  • Send newsletters to customers
  • Own logo/name in emails
  • Answering machine
  • Advance payments
  • Menu on your website

Prices valid for annual payment in combination with a pack.
All prices VAT excl.

About us

Tablebooker is a Belgian startup with the ambition to ease the life of a restaurant owner. They do so by combining the power of the latest technology with their thorough knowledge of the restaurant market. Add a pinch of youthful enthusiasm and a sauce of perfectionism to it, and you have a dish that every restaurant owner would like to put on his menu!

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