Actionable Insights for Restaurants

Monitor the data that matters to your restaurant business management activities.

Tablemanager means —

Better understanding your business

Tablemanager helps you optimize your workforce and business, and is effortless to use and set up. 

Get actionable insights related to your restaurant, reservations,  tables, and agenda.

Statistics —

Acces to all your business data

Our fast online reservation tool verifies the availability of your restaurant. The customer receives automatic and immediate confirmation.

Take your customer’s reservation or order on the spot.

Feedback reception —

Receive direct feedback from customers

Check your customers satisfaction rate and receive their feedback

With Tablemanager you will have the possibility of consulting the customer’s opinion and give them an answer directly

You will be also able to manage some customer insights so you can effectively administer guest’s requirements.

Staff calculating restaurant bill
Enrich your CRM —

Connect your POS

With Tablemanager you can easily connect your POS and automatically store your guest’s receipts (coming soon)  

You will be able to enrich your CRM with guest spendings and draw a healthy communication through the right channels. 

Boost your restaurant

Tablemanager is the fastest growing online reservation system on the market.

Give it a try !