Effective methods to reduce no-shows

Tablemanager means —

Stop nuisance of no-shows!

No-shows can have disastrous consequences on restaurant activity. That’s why we’ve put in place effective methods to help you get to know your customers better

Prepayments —

The strongest method

Against no-shows is to set up a deposit system. Secure your reservations by putting your conditions and take back control!

For everyone or from a certain number of guests, during lunch or in the evening only or both, it’s up to you. With the possibility of automatic reimbursement according to the timing or automatic cancellation of the reservation if there is no payment. Stop the no-show plague now!

Credit card guarantee —

The soft method

Consists to ask for a credit card guarantee and release the amount when the customer does not show up. It’s up to you!

You can also send an automatic reminder email the day before the reservation at 7pm or a text message the same day.

The customer also has the possibility to modify and cancel his reservation easily via his confirmation email. Again, according to your conditions.

And to complete all of this, you will have also an historic of all the no-shows that the client has made!