Recontact your customers in just a few clicks

Don't lose any more customers with our waiting list feature.

Tablemanager, is —

A waiting list management engine

Allows customers to make their reservations, especially in high demand establishments, and prevents the restaurant from losing customers.

Management —

Efficient and professional

At Tablebooker, we know that you, the restaurant owners, have a lot of expectations when it comes to replacing your old ways of taking reservations with new technologies. 

Occupancy optimization —

No more losses

That’s why, thanks to our expertise in the field, we’ve noticed that you often find yourself with tables that become available earlier than expected or simply facing no-shows when at the beginning of the day, your restaurant was showing full… 

We know the impact of these empty tables on your turnover and that’s why we recently launched the Waiting List feature. 

This feature will allow you to recontact customers who were eager to come and discover your restaurant in a few clicks and tell them the good news!