Table management software for restaurants

Build your restaurant floor plan and display all your rooms, tables, seats and reservations within a single map on Tablemanager

Tablemanager means —

Seating plan management and table management layout

Help your managers and your staff serve your guests faster with seat management features and ordering facilitators.

Manage priorities within your restaurant with assignment rules for your tables and rooms.

Display the virtual floor plan of your restaurant​

Restaurant Floor Plan Designer​

Tablemanager seating plans let you see at a glance which tables are being reserved, the time and by whom.

You will get a graphic overview of your restaurant’s floor plans, tables, rooms and schedules so that you can maximise your revenue and your customer satisfaction.

Manage your availabilities in live to leave no empty tables

Table Assignment Strategy

Take the control of all the possible table combinations automatically depending on your live number of guests and the rules you can set-up in the tool.

This feature is essential if you want to increase your flexibility in the way your tables are booked. Our reservation system will group your tables together and fill them automatically as you would expect it.

Just give rules and let the system assign the right seats and tables for your restaurant guests.

Rooms & spaces —

Open/close different spaces

Choose the date and time when your places are open or closed depending on external data like weather reports.

Optimize occupation —

Dynamically optimize your restaurant occupancy

Optimise your agenda with different views of your shifts.

With the Timeline view you can further optimise your table occupancy and thus also increase your turnover.

Boost your restaurant table management activities

Tablemanager is the fastest growing online reservation system on the market and the best restaurant table management software to skyrocket your seating strategy.

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